Ando Maika – 安堂 舞花, Asahi Julia – 朝日 珠莉愛, Minato Rima – 皆戸 理芳

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A Asahina Yuumi – 朝日奈 ゆうみ, Fujisaki Shiori – 藤崎 しおり, Takijima Airi – 滝嶌 愛梨

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AN HATSUKI – 羽月 杏, Fujisaki Fumi – 藤崎 ふみ, Satonaka Kuu – 藤崎 ふみ, Banzai Japan Profile Information, Emino Matsuda – 松田 恵実乃

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Harukawa Ayumi – 春川 愛美, Shimada Rena – 島田 玲奈, Yasuhara Mei – 安原 めい

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Fujitani Tsukasa – 藤谷 つかさ, Hanaki Saya – 花城 沙耶, Sasagawa Sasa – 笹川 ささ

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Nabana Maria – 菜花 まりあ, Nakayama Koma – 仲山 コマ, Sato Itsuki – 佐藤 樹姫

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Introducing Japan spirit to the world! Girl idol group conquering the nation of 47 prefectures.

Japan is originally well-recognized for its fascinating mountain, river, architecture, cuisine, technology, animation, o-mo-te-na-shi, and…o-ta-ku(nerds) culture!BANZAI JAPAN is a girl idol group, formed by a project which Japan proudly presents to the world about our culture.

Each member who represents their individual prefectures nationwide, is on their secret mission, wondering if rest of the 47 members ever going to get together?

Throughout their songs and dance performances, BANZAI JAPAN will visualize our magnificent culture and introduce them toward the world!




これから「BANZAI JAPAN(バンザイ ジャパン)」が、歌やダンスなどのパフォーマンスで、日本が世界に誇れるカルチャーを「見える化」して発信して参ります!

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