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Satonaka Kuu - 里中

Banzai Japan Member

Satonaka Kuu - 里中

Satonaka Kuu - 里中 空 - Mini Profile

  • Name:Satonaka Kuu (里中空)
  • Nickname: Kuu (くう)
  • Birthday: September 5, 1999 (age 22)
  • Birthplace:Shizuoka, Japan
  • Zodiac:Virgo
  • Blood Type:AB
  • Hobbies:Youtube, taking walks, k-pop, music in general

Satonaka Kuu – 里中 – Fan letter ☆

Satonaka Kuu – 里中

Cospanic Entertainment
Royal Palace Shibuya 205
15-10 Uguisudanicho

Satonaka Kuu – 里中 – Profile Photos

Satonaka Kuu - 里中
Satonaka Kuu - 里中
Satonaka Kuu - 里中

Satonaka Kuu – 里中 – Full Profile

誕生日 Birthday

9月5日 / 5 September

Count Down to

Satonaka Kuu – 里中


ニックネーム Nickname

くう / kuu

血液型 Blood type

AB型 / Type-AB

星座 Zodiac Sign

おとめ座 / Virgo

キャッチフレーズ  Greeting to the fans

静岡県の伝道師、里中 空です!

Write “sky” and read “ku”.
I want to heal you with a warm voice!
I’m Satanaka, a evangelist from Shizuoka prefecture!

趣味 Hobby


Youtube, walks, k-pop, music in general

特徴 Characteristic


Slow pace to eat and walk. He was learning calligraphy and tea ceremony.

都道府県 PR Local Introduction


Tea, seafood, Mt. Fuji !!!
Shizuoka Prefecture is full of the charm of Japan!
Come to play with your wings extended ପ (⑅ˊᵕˋ⑅) ଓ

Satonaka Kuu - 里中 空 - Social Media

Satonaka Kuu - 里中 空 - Social Media

Japanese Idol


Satonaka Kuu – 里中 – Showroom Live 

Satonaka Kuu - 里中 - Showroom Live

Satonaka Kuu – 里中 – Contact Form

14 + 3 =

Shizuoka prefecture

Shizuoka Prefecture

Shizuoka Prefecture (静岡県, Shizuoka-ken) is a prefecture of Japan located in the Chūbu region of Honshu.

As of December 2019, Shizuoka Prefecture has a population of 3,637,998 and has a geographic area of 7,777.42 km2 (3,002.88 sq mi).

Shizuoka Prefecture borders Kanagawa Prefecture to the east, Yamanashi Prefecture to the northeast, Nagano Prefecture to the north, and Aichi Prefecture to the west.

Shizuoka is the capital and Hamamatsu is the largest city in Shizuoka Prefecture, with other major cities including Fuji, Numazu, and Iwata.

Shizuoka Prefecture is located on Japan’s Pacific Ocean coast and features Suruga Bay formed by the Izu Peninsula, and Lake Hamana which is considered to be one of Japan’s largest lakes.

Mount Fuji, the tallest volcano in Japan and cultural icon of the country, is partially located in Shizuoka Prefecture on the border with Yamanashi Prefecture.

Shizuoka Prefecture has a significant motoring heritage as the founding location of Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha, and is home to the Fuji International Speedway.


Shizuoka Prefecture, JP Weather


Shizuoka Prefecture, JP News Feed

  • Japan’s daily COVID-19 case tally tops 70,000 for first time K年1月26日 E1時08分 Japan Times Daily new COVID-19 cases in Japan surged to a new record Wednesday, topping 70,000 as the omicron variant of the virus pushes hospitals and clinics to the breaking point. Tokyo confirmed 14,086 new cases, setting a new record high as the seven-day average …
  • Japan moves to focus resources on severe COVID-19 patients K年1月25日 E5時34分 Japan Times The rapid rise in omicron cases has prompted moves to concentrate medical resources on severely ill patients, amid worries that the health care system will once again be put under dire strain. The development comes on top of the expected expansion of quasi …
  • Japan to expand COVID quasi-emergency to 34 of 47 prefectures K年1月25日 E3時50分 Japan Today Japan is set to expand a COVID-19 quasi-state of emergency to 34 of the nation's 47 prefectures as Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said Monday he plans to add 18 more areas to cope with a recent Omicron strain-driven spike in coronavirus cases. The …
  • Japan tops 50,000 daily COVID cases for first time as omicron wave continues K年1月22日 E10時07分 Japan Times The coronavirus continued to spread at an unprecedented pace Saturday, with Japan topping 50,000 COVID-19 cases for the first time and Tokyo confirming 11,227 a day after the capital fell under a coronavirus quasi-emergency, marking a record high for a …
  • No Tsunami Alert Raised as Powerful 6.6 Earthquake Struck Coast of Japan K年1月22日 E6時30分 Nature World News Early on Jan. 22, a powerful offshore earthquake shook Oita and Miyazaki prefectures in southern Japan, inflicting minor injuries among startled people but no substantial damage aside from ruptured water mains. (Photo : Pixabay) Japanese Earthquake At 1:08 …
  • Japan to expand COVID quasi-emergency to 29 of 47 prefectures K年1月22日 E10時50分 Japan Today Japan is planning to expand the enforcement of a quasi-state of emergency to a total of 29 of the country's 47 prefectures, after Osaka and seven others requested Friday that the central government put them under such a measure in an effort to curb the …
  • Decades on, text governing U.S. forces in Japan is yet to be revised K年1月21日 E7時39分 Japan Times After COVID-19 cases spiked in prefectures with U.S. military facilities early on in the current wave of infections, local pressure on the central government to toughen up testing procedures on Japan-based U.S. military personnel entering Japan grew …
  • Japan faces putting majority of 47 prefectures under COVID-19 quasi-emergency K年1月21日 E7時38分 Japan Times A majority of Japan’s 47 prefectures have come under or are moving to seek restrictions on restaurants and bars to cope with surging coronavirus infections, with 12 more areas including Osaka Prefecture set to seek quasi-state of emergency declarations by …
  • Anti-COVID steps far from uniform for Japan prefectures under quasi-emergency K年1月20日 E10時17分 Japan Times Taking a page out of a familiar playbook, 13 more prefectures will soon impose restrictions on alcohol sales and business hours as part of quasi-emergency measures, but while the measures against COVID-19 will mostly target restaurants and bars, the rules …
  • Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo prefectures seek COVID quasi-emergency K年1月20日 E9時06分 Japan Today The western Japan prefectures of Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo will ask the government Friday to place them under a coronavirus quasi-state emergency amid the rapid spread of the highly transmissible Omicron variant, Osaka Gov Hirofumi Yoshimura said. The planned …

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Satonaka Kuu – 里中 Twitter


楽しかったし、すっぱかったです( ◜~◝ )



「#日本満喫TOURS in 🎊名古屋🎊」






c/w Love From Far East」






会場🚙名古屋ReNY limited



夜も名古屋ReNY( ᵒ̴̶̷̤ ᵒ̴̶̷̤ )✨
リプにて 里中空予約 お待ちしてます📮

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Satonaka Kuu – 里中

Banzai Japan Member

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Tokyo News Feed

Special wards are a special form of municipalities in Japan under the 1947 Local Autonomy Law.

They are city-level wards: primary subdivisions of a prefecture with municipal autonomy largely comparable to other forms of municipalities.

Tokyo News Feed
Tokyo News Feed
Tokyo News Feed
Tokyo News Feed

Tokyo News Feed

Area: 627.6 km²
Region: Kantō

Island: Honshu

Prefecture: Tokyo

Weather: -1 °C, Wind N at 1 mph (2 km/h), 72% Humidity

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