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Takijima Airi – Banzai Japan Member

Takijima Airi – Banzai Japan Member

Takijima Airi

Banzai Japan Member
Banzai JapanBanzai Japan

PR Local Introduction


There are many places such as Shingen Takeda, the three major night views of New Japan, 100 famous mountains in Yamanashi prefecture, and 100 famous waters. Please come visit us once ~ ♪ Let’s go out ~


あいり / Aili


11月15日 / 15 November

Zodiac Sign

さそり座 / Scorpio

Blood type

O型 / Type-O



Ukulele, games, YouTube, human observation, nature tours, laughter

Greeting to the fans

泥団子作りに励んでいた田舎の娘が参上っ!ギャップにドッキュン!山梨県の見習い伝道師、滝嶌 愛梨です!

A country girl who was working hard to make mud dumplings is here! Dokkun in the gap! I’m Airi Takishima, an apprentice evangelist from Yamanashi Prefecture!



Tall, long eyelashes, long neck. Her appearance is an adult neat and clean system. No no no. I’m funny! I love funny faces! It may be surprisingly talkative! ??