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Anime News Network is helping the Alchemy Stars Operations Team celebrate the one-year anniversary of the hyper popular mobile game. Haven’t heard about Alchemy Stars yet? Read more about it here.

These two contests are being run by the Alchemy Stars Operations Team, but there’s a special bonus for ANN Readers. Read on to find out more.

Happy 1st Anniversary Navigators!

Time sure flies when you are having fun. Can you believe it’s already been a year since Alchemy Stars made its dazzling debut? We are extremely thankful to all our lovely Navigators who have been part of this magical journey. To celebrate this milestone, we are bringing you a two-part community event that is also tied to our Bingo Bonanza event. Firstly, we’d like to call upon the meme lords to bring joy and laughter to Reinhardt’s life. Secondly, rumor has it that the Grand Marshal likes collecting self-portraits to adorn her office. Come join in the festivities and celebrate our anniversary in style!

Meme Marshal

Being the Grand Marshal is a difficult job. Sometimes Reinhardt has to explain very complex battle strategies and ideas to her subordinates. Perhaps you could assist her?

For this event, we’d love for you to:
– Submit one (1) meme using the meme template provided below.

Meme Marshal Event Period
Global: May 27 2 (UTC+0) – June 17 (UTC+0)
US: May 27 (UTC-5) – June 17 (UTC-5)

Twenty (20) Meme Marshal entries will be randomly selected from all platforms to each receive a merchandise goodie bag.

Regal Reinhardt

Reinhardt is one of Illumina’s greatest ever commanders. It’s only fitting that her likeness be captured and documented for posterity. Are you up to the task?

For this event, we’d love for you to:
– Submit one (1) piece of fanart with Reinhardt in it.
– There can be other Alchemy Stars characters in your artwork, but it must include Reinhardt as well.

Regal Reinhardt Event Period
Global: May 27 (UTC+0) – June 30 (UTC+0)
US: May 27 (UTC-5) – June 30 (UTC-5)


Fifteen (15) of the best Regal Reinhardt entries will be selected by the Alchemy Stars team to each receive a $30 USD Amazon gift card or cash equivalent.

How to Enter

We’d like you to enter your submission either on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) in a public post.

To finalize your submission, please use the CORRECT event hashtags! All submissions must contain all 3 hashtags for the event you are entering.

Meme Marshal – #AS1Year #ASANN #AlchemyStarsMarshal

Regal Reinhardt – #AS1Year #ASANN #AlchemyStarsReinhardt

Navigators can submit multiple entries on each platform.

ANN Bonus Prizing
Stay tuned, we’ll soon be announcing a special bonus prize for each contest, available to ANN readers who enter the contest using the #ASANN hashtag.


Please submit original art, images, and captions only. Do not enter the contest on behalf of other Navigators.

Works of the following nature will be removed by Alchemy Stars team: illegal content, works that plagiarize or defraud the work of other creators, those with no relation to Alchemy Stars, works that contain any form of advertising, works that have been used in commercial settings or have plans of commercialization, those that are already submitted to other contests (whether it’s hosted by Alchemy Stars or not), works that are submitted after the deadline has passed, and those that are deemed inappropriate by Alchemy Stars official operations team.

Navigators can submit multiple entries. If a submission is selected as a winner, all other entries will be disqualified.

Navigators can only win one reward – Navigators cannot win multiple times in a single event.

Navigators are not allowed to use multiple accounts in an attempt to win multiple prizes.

If anyone is found to have broken any of the rules, they will be disqualified from the event and banned from all future events.

The Alchemy Stars team reserves the right of decision on the choice of winners.


All submissions, whether selected as winners or not, may be used on Alchemy Stars official channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Reddit and YouTube) as well as in-game announcements. The submissions might be altered or edited. The submissions’ owner’s social media account name that is used for entering the contest might also be mentioned, as well as the post copy.

Alchemy Stars operations team might contact the winners for the original raw file of the submission.

The rules and details of the event may be changed without advance notice.

Thank you for sticking along for this wild ride! We hope to have many more incredible memories in Astra!

This contest is organized and operated by the Alchemy Stars Operations Team at Proxima Beta Pte.Limited. The original contest page can be viewed at

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