HR Co-ordinator

The Role HR Co-ordinators provide a comprehensive, efficient, and proactive transactional HR service. They are responsible for ensuring accurate and timely employee data-entry into the HR/payroll database, and for providing first line advice and guidance to managers, employees and candidates on processes and procedures in relation to the employee life-cycle, whilst maintaining the highest level of customer service. The Person You will have previous experience in HR administration, preferably within Higher Education or a similar environment (e.g. public sector) and have knowledge of basic employment law principles (e.g. statutory regulations relating to maternity, annual leave, sickness, etc). The position requires strong administrative skills and excellent attention to detail. You will strive to seek continuous improvement and to deliver an excellent service to your customers - taking personal responsibility for resolving queries and problems. The successful candidate will work well under pressure and be able to prioritise work with varying deadlines whilst meeting customer expectations and providing a high standard of service. This role is based in our new modern Agile Working Hub at our thriving Penrhyn Road campus. We operate an agile working pattern, working 3 days on campus and 2 days from home, so the successful applicant will need to live within commuting distance of Kingston. Directorate/Function The successful candidate will be joining an experienced and talented team of HR professionals within the HR Directorate who deliver HR operations, strategy, and design for its 3k strong employee base. Our professionals give high level support across the University along with responding to day-to-day queries from all areas and staff. In addition, they ensure our policies and procedures provide suitable frameworks to enable staff to operate successfully during their employment at Kingston University. Further information This role is advertised as a full time, permanent position with a starting salary of £29,940 per annum. We will consider part time applications of a minimum of 27.5 hours per week, but part time applicants will be required to work their hours over 5 days if offered this role. The salary will be pro-rata accordingly for part-time contracts. Please ensure you attach a CV and supporting statement to your application and indicate if you wish to be considered for a full or part time position. Interviews are expected to be held on Friday 22nd July 2022. For informal enquiries please contact Sarah Charles, HR Manager (Employee Lifecycle). Please note this role is not eligible for sponsorship under the Skilled Worker route. Bring your true self, expertise, and passion to Kingston where we are continuing to strive to build a university where authentic inclusion and belonging is at its heart. Every one of our staff and students’ identities, backgrounds and diverse experiences makes us who we are - so harness and embrace yours by applying today. We welcome applications from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds, LGBTQ+ communities and those with disabilities. Candidates must be able to demonstrate their eligibility to work in the UK in accordance with the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006. Where required, this may include entry clearance or continued leave to remain under the Points Based Immigration Scheme.  To apply click on ‘Apply Now’. If, for accessibility reasons, you need to apply in an alternative format, please email [email protected] or call the HR Shared Services team on 020 8417 3118.

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How To Train a Boxer Dog Not To Jump

Keeping pets is quite challenging. You have to take care of your pet just like a human, hence the name pet parents. From feeding to cleaning and training, you must ensure that all these things are taken care of. Although you learn about your pet’s feeding habits within a month or so, training a pet can be a much longer commitment and in some ways a hassle. This is because every pet responds differently to each training method. Photo by Sean Foster on Unsplash One thing all dogs have in common is their excitability which can often lead to them jumping up.  This simple guide will focus on how to train your boxer dog not to jump. Every dog breed have their own ways of showing affection but a Boxer dog is quite large so teaching them not to jump up is important. Before we dive into how to train them it’s worth mentioning a few key things you need. We recommend ensuring your pet gets adequate exercise to tire them out, it is also worth investing in a large harness for both walking and training your boxer dog. In addition, it’s always worth having treats on hand to reward good behavior! Your Relationship with Your Best Friend Should Be Rock Solid Some dogs show their affection by jumping on their owner, licking them, or they want to cuddle with them. However, some habits must be taken care of, and the dogs must be trained accordingly. The important part here is that the boxer may do so to others as well. The issue here is that the other people may not like it. If they do not like it, it can lead to some other problems between you and others. This is why it is best to always have your wonderful Boxer on its best behavior! How to Train A Boxer Dog There are different ways for every other owner to treat their pets. Today we will discuss some of the ways you can use to ensure that your boxer dog does not jump. When your dog tends to jump on other people, you should ask someone to train your dog if you don’t have any luck. That someone can be any person to whom your dog listens. The trainer should begin by commanding your dog to sit and stand. It is better if you act yourself when training the dog. When the dog responds to the command, you can reward your dog with treat or anything it likes. When you encounter your dog jumping on you when you come home, you should opt for specific techniques to train your dog. When you enter, and your dog jumps on you, you can turn back, ignore your dog and leave. When you do the same twice or more, your dog will eventually learn that it will only get attention when it is on four feet. If your dog jumps on you while standing, use the same technique as you did before. If you are sitting in your lounge and your dog jumps on you, then stand up and ignore your dog. Repeat this action as many times as your dog does the same. Your pet will eventually learn that jumping is not an excellent way to grab attention. Instead, staying on four feet is the best way to do so. Love Your Boxer Although training a pet, especially a dog, is difficult, through consistent effort, you can train your dog well and allow it to grab your attention through other ways than jumping.  

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What To Wear Dove Hunting

Hunting is a passion for many people. It may be a passion because it helps people to spend time together on something more interesting that merely looking at a computer screen or mobile screen. Individuals can be out and about as they seek to be in nature and live well. The fun aspect about dove hunting is that it requires a little bit of preparation. This tends to make people more interested in the hunting process and enables them to genuinely invest in going out and really making a fun time of their weekends away hunting. Photo by Lenstravelier on Unsplash It is no surprise that you need efficient skills to carry out a successful hunting plan. In addition, when going hunting, you must ensure that you prepare yourself by investing in a quality duck hunting shotgun, by wearing proper clothes and safety gear to ensure your safety. This guide will discuss what you should wear when hunting for doves as well as what season is the best time to go hunting for them! What To Wear Doves have excellent eyesight. They can easily spot you if you wear colored or astonishing clothes that distinguish your look from the surroundings. Hence, when going out to hunt doves, you should always wear clothes of the color of herbs, shrubs, and trees. This way, you can easily camouflage and blend with the colors of the surrounding plants. The dove won’t spot you quickly, and you can set your target and hit. You can wear drab clothing for your hunting day. You can also wear shorts and a shirt of camouflage or brown color to wear on your hunting day. Pants can be a good option if you’re hunting in a cooler climate. What’s The Best Season To Hunt Doves People go hunting throughout the day, but there are specific times when you should go hunting as this will get you the best opportunity to find a shoot a dove. This part of the article will highlight the best time of the day when you should go dove hunting. In the evening just before the sun sets is the best time when you should go out to hunt doves. It’s best to head out just before dusk for the best odds.  But before targeting your dove, it pays to work out your range, either use a range finder, or if you practise enough at a shooting range you can help zero in your accuracy. This shooting range varies from shooter to shooter. Experienced shooters opt for a broader shooting range, while beginners opt for a narrower shooting range. However, generally, the shooting range is forty yards or less. Where To Hunt For Doves Although we have shared all the ethics and things you should take care of when hunting. But one of the keys is to know where you should go hunting. To search for a perfect location, you should go for dove feeding and congregation areas. Some examples of these areas are corn fields, wheat fields, water ponds covered with weeds and foliage, or even algae. In addition, harvested sunflower and mustard fields are shared locations where you can easily find doves.  

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How many Cigars Did Winston Churchill Smoke A Day

Cigars are a wonderful aspect of life that provides a way to focus on something else other than various pressures and stressors. It certainly is something that helps us to breathe in and out and to get to a state of calmness. This state of calmness is quite important to leading a successful and wondrous life. That is certainly important because moving forward in a helter skelter way is not productive and can lead to regression. Photo by Kristina Gadeikyte on Unsplash For this reason, it’s not surprising to see many leaders smoking cigars. There are many examples of leaders ranging from Winston Churchill to Fidel Castro and other leaders smoking cigars in many sightings. Often, it’s assumed that cigars are considered a symbol of show-off or fame but for the aficionado it’s something entirely different. A way to relax. Today we do a deep dive and discuss how many cigars Winston Churchill smoked a day, the effects of cigars and how much nicotine cigars contain. How many cigars did Winston Churchill smoke in one day? Winston Churchill was a British statesman, soldier, and writer who was the prime minister from 1940 to 1945. He was also a parliament member, a liberalist, and an imperialist member. He has remained a member of both the Liberal Party and the conservative party. Churchill was around during a very tumultuous time frame. Quite a bit of stuff was taking place within the world from world wars to many countries looking toward independence. Considering his early life, Winston belonged to a wealthy British aristocratic family and gained fame when he joined politics. In addition to this, he also wrote books and wrote when he led campaigns for his party. It’s believed he smoked an eye watering eight cigars daily. In addition, he did not smoke cigars for taste or nicotine instead, and he smoked cigars to chew the inside flavor. Due to this chewing behavior, the cigars became frayed. However, to prevent the cigars from fraying, Churchill made a brown paper and glued it at the ends. He called this paper belly band and wrapped it around cigars to prevent them from being moist. We could say that he knew what he was doing. How Much Nicotine Do Cigars Have? Cigars are often confused about the fact that they have the same nicotine as cigarettes. However, this doesn’t seem right as cigars have around 100 to 250 milligrams of nicotine while cigarettes have 8 milligrams. This means that while smoking cigars, you consume almost 31 times more cigarettes. This is quite a huge increase in nicotine. When you consider Winston Churchill would smoke 8 cigars a day, that is a staggering amount of caffeine. Although Winston Churchill died from a heart attack at the ripe age of 90, it begs asking the question if his cigar habits contributed to this. Or perhaps the stress relief he got from delayed the heart attack from happening sooner. Churchill and Cigars Conclusively, Winston Churchill consumed a significant number of cigars throughout his life. This is, however, not healthy. Instead, it can lead to different kinds of malignancies in the long term.

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CAPLITA Review: The Most Supportive Trading Platform for Share Trading

If you want to have the easiest way to earn profits from online trading, you should invest in stock trading. Whether you are an experienced trader or a novice trader, you can make money by using corporate securities or stocks. However, to make profits from stock trading, you have to analyze the performance of the international companies. This is why, to make an effective analysis of the companies’ performances and to make suitable trading decisions, you require support from a respected and supportive trading platform. When it comes to stock or share trading, CAPLITA is the most supportive and award-winning brokerage company for international traders. On the trading platform of this investment organization, you will have backdated price alerts, risk management tools, and technical analysis. There are also several professional analysts in this financial organization to offer you excellent support. All these facilities will surely help you to make the right decisions in share trading. Photo by Kanchanara on Unsplash The Basics of Share Trading: The purpose of the shares or stocks is to distribute an organization’s ownership among several owners. The owners of the stocks or shares are called stockholders or shareholders. When the growth of the company rises, this results in an increase in the value of the company as well as shares. Therefore, stockholders can gain capital by purchasing the shares at a low price and selling them at a higher price. Stock trading or share trading takes place in the stock market. As the stock market or share market is an exciting and diverse marketplace, traders will find numerous opportunities for investing and trading in various sectors. However, numerous market events can affect the share price, such as company news, earnings, mergers, acquisitions, broader market events, and mergers. Therefore, while you are creating your trading portfolio, you should include different types of opportunities to minimize the potential risks. The inclusion of the greatest number of robust stocks can boost your chance to accomplish faster financial freedom and earn substantial capital. If you are aiming to make high and quick profits, you should invest in highly volatile stocks. However, before you make any investment decision, analyze and evaluate the stock market carefully. Why Choose CAPLITA for Share Trading? CAPLITA offers the most suitable, comfortable, and user-friendly trading environment for share traders. To help you with any issue, there is an excellent team. The WebTrader platform of this brokerage company will give you access to modern trading tools, excellent leverage, stop-loss orders, tight spreads, fast order execution facility, and other crucial features. Above all, the dedicated managers, professional analysts, and the members of the support team, all are very supportive. Apart from offering your effective support, this financial agency also provides valuable educational materials so that you can learn about share trading and evaluate the influential factors of the share price. By utilizing the risk management tools, you can increase your gains and lessen your potential losses. You can also access the trading platform and monitor your account through your smartphone and computer. Thus, CAPLITA is the most supportive trading platform that you can have in this industry for share trading.

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