Doctoral Researcher for the Project 'CLICCS – Climate, Climatic Change, and Society'

The German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA) / Leibniz-Institut für Globale und Regionale Studien is an independent Social Science research institute based in Hamburg. It analyses political, social, and economic developments in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, and links this knowledge to questions of global significance. It combines region-specific analysis with innovative comparative research on accountability and participation, peace and security, globalisation and development, and global order and foreign policies. The GIGA seeks to appoint a  Doctoral Researcher for the Project “CLICCS – Climate, Climatic Change, and Society” B3: Conflict and Cooperation at the Climate-Security Nexus  Applications are invited for a part-time position (65%), with a contract of three years, preferably starting on 1 September 2022. The position is designed for further professional qualification as defined in § 2 WissZeitVG (Academic Fixed-Term Contract Act). The salary is commensurate with TV-AVH / TVöD EG 13.  CLICCS is an ambitious research programme at Universität Hamburg and its partner institutions, among them the GIGA. Funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), it is part of Germany’s Excellence Strategy.  The programme aims to understand climate changes, taking into account internal variability, extreme events, and unexpected side effects, addressing the natural and social spheres as well as their interactions. Thus CLICCS’ overarching research question is: which climate futures are possible and which are plausible? CLICCS will investigate how climate changes and how society changes with it, thereby feeding back on climate. It will identify those climate futures that are consistent with both climate and social dynamics (possible), and those we expect to unfold with appreciable probability (plausible).  The Doctoral Researcher will become a member of the CLICCS Graduate School, which aims to help young academics thrive through all stages of their training, for more information please check the link: Graduate School.  Responsibilities: Duties include academic services in the project named above. The Doctoral Researcher will also pursue independent research and further academic qualifications.  Specific Duties: The Doctoral Researcher will participate in the CLICCS-B3 project “Conflict and Cooperation at the Climate–Security Nexus” (, the GIGA Research Programme “Peace and Security” and one of the GIGA’s regional institutes. The Doctoral Researcher will pursue her/his own doctoral project, contribute to the CLICCS-B3 project, and investigate the relationship between climatic conditions/climate change on the one hand and violent conflict and/or societal cooperation on the other.  The research agenda should be clearly situated in GIGA’s Global Approach to Scholarship and Comparative Area Studies (CAS) contributing both to theoretical and empirical knowledge creation, preferably within a peace and conflict studies perspective. Expected qualifications: excellent degree in Social Sciences (Political Science, International Relations, Development Economics, Sociology, or related disciplines) present a high-quality proposal for her/his doctoral thesis showing a clear fit with the aims of the above-mentioned project strong theoretical and comparative methodological skills (qualitative and/or quantitative) strong command of the English language; German is an asset but not a prerequisite prior work in peace and conflict research and/or on climate-related themes is an asset We welcome international applications. Other part-time options will be considered, if so desired by the successful candidate. Diversity and the reconciliation of work and family life are of great importance to the institute. The GIGA promotes the equality of all genders. Please fill out the application form found here. and send it together with your full application (Ref.-No. 22-07), including relevant supporting documentation (a cover letter including methodological and regional expertise, CV, copies of degree certificate(s) as well as a one-page outline of a doctoral research project relating to the “conflict and cooperation at the Climate-Security Nexus”), as one PDF file (except for the completed GIGA application form) to:  German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA) IAA Secretariat Neuer Jungfernstieg 21, 20354 Hamburg, Germany Email: [email protected] (email applications are particularly welcome).  Note on data protection: By submitting your application, you agree that the GIGA may grant access to your application documents to other institutions participating in the CLICCS programme, namely Universität Hamburg.  Screening of applications will begin on 15 August 2022. For further information, please visit the GIGA homepage ( or contact Dr. Christian von Soest (email: [email protected]) and/or consult the CLICCS website at

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Prince Charles 'Will Not Accept Bags Of Cash Again' Is A Headline For The Ages

Prince Charles will reportedly no longer handle large cash donations destined for his charities – prompting a rash of eyebrow-raising, on brand 2022 headlines involving “bags” or “suitcases” of money.The pledge came from a “royal source”, according to multiple outlets, and followed The Sunday Times saying the future king was presented with cash – reportedly totalling three million euros, and some of it in a suitcase – from a former Qatari prime minister between 2011 and 2015.AdvertisementThe newspaper said the heir to the throne personally accepted the donations for his charity – the Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund (PWCF) – from Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim, who was prime minister of Qatar between 2007 and 2013.On Wednesday, following fierce criticism of the Prince of Wales, the royal source suggested Charles had been following advice and the unconventional practice had ceased.According to the PA News agency, the source said: “It was passed immediately to his charities and it was his charities who decided to accept the money – that is a decision for them. “And they did so, and as they confirmed, it followed all the right processes, the auditors looked at it. “The Prince of Wales operates on advice. Situations, contexts change over the years. “For more than half a decade, with the situation as it has evolved, this has not happened and it would not happen again. “That is then and this is now.” The news agency Reuters headlined the briefing: “Bags of cash for Prince Charles’s charities won’t be repeated – source”.AdvertisementOn its ticker, Sky News went with: “A senior Buckingham Palace source says the Prince of Wales would never again accept bags of cash for his charity”.The US website The Daily Beast billed it as: “Prince Charles makes radical decision not to accept cash donations”.Gabriel Pogrund, one of the Sunday Times journalists who broke the story, wrote on Twitter: “Prince of Wales will not accept suitcases of cash in future, royal source says”.BREAK: Prince of Wales will not accept suitcases of cash in future, royal source saysPalace briefing comes days after the Sunday Times revealed the heir to the throne accepted millions in cash from former Qatari prime minister HBJ— Gabriel Pogrund (@Gabriel_Pogrund) June 29, 2022 Social media couldn’t resist the future king’s pledge.AdvertisementAnd with a stroke, the fabric of royal majesty is seamlessly reknitted, showing once again the innate superiority of our flawless system! Huzzah!— . (@twlldun) June 29, 2022 AdvertisementAccording to the Sunday Times, a donation of one million euros was handed over during one meeting at the prince’s residence, Clarence House.The charity, which was founded in 1979 with a mission to transform lives and build sustainable communities, awards grants to UK registered non-profit organisations to deliver projects in the UK, the Commonwealth and overseas.Clarence House said the donations were “passed immediately” to one of the prince’s charities and that “appropriate governance” was carried out.“Charitable donations received from Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim were passed immediately to one of the prince’s charities who carried out the appropriate governance and have assured us that all the correct processes were followed,” a statement said.It comes after the Metropolitan Police launched an investigation into an alleged cash-for-honours scandal in February after Charles and his former close confidant, Michael Fawcett, were reported over the claims.AdvertisementFawcett was accused of promising to help secure a knighthood and British citizenship for a Saudi billionaire donor to another of Charles’s charities, the Prince’s Foundation.Clarence House said the prince had “no knowledge” of the alleged cash-for-honours scandal.Related...

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R Kelly Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison In Racketeering And Sex Trafficking Case

R Kelly’s federal case in Brooklyn, New York, came to a close Wednesday when US district judge Ann Donnelly sentenced the R&B singer to 30 years in prison after being convicted of racketeering and charges related to sex trafficking.Before Donnelly announced the sentencing, victim witnesses Angela, Addie, Lizzette Martinez, Stephanie, Kitti Jones, Faith Rodgers and Sonja stood before the court’s podium to state their remarks. Several broke into tears during their speeches. AdvertisementAngela, who witnessed Kelly sexual assault R&B singer Aaliyah and was also sexually assaulted herself in the early ’90s, read her statement directly to Kelly.“We are no longer the preyed upon individuals that we once were,” she told him. “I am a representation of every woman, boy, child, man that you have ever afflicted with your deplorable, despicable acts. And with that I leave you with yourself, Robert Sylvester Kelly.”Stephanie, during her searing speech, said she experienced a “suffocating fear” when she was being abused and whenever she saw or heard the singer in the media.“You are an abuser. You are shameless. You are disgusting. You are self-serving,” she told Kelly in front of the court. “I hope you go to jail for the rest of your life... Now it’s your turn to have your freedom taken from you and it still won’t be an ounce of the freedom you took away from your victims.” AdvertisementKelly was convicted in September on one count of racketeering and eight counts of violating the Mann Act, which prohibits taking minors across state lines for criminal sexual activity. The six-week trial included testimony from survivors, former employees and others. It centreed on six women, sometimes identified as Jane Does, sometimes as Stephanie, Sonja, Jerhonda, Jane, Faith and Aaliyah. Five took the stand. Aaliyah Haughton, the deceased singer whom Kelly married when she was just 15, figured prominently in the trial when it was revealed that Kelly married her so he could legally sign off on her getting an abortion. Three of the six victims were minors when Kelly began his abuse. Several other survivors also took the stand to testify about their relationships with Kelly, including two John Does. Their testimony included details about Kelly requiring his girlfriends to follow his rules — calling him “daddy,” asking permission to use the bathroom and not being allowed to talk to other men, to name a few. He filmed many of his sexual acts with them, including with minors. He had sex with them without telling them he had herpes. When he felt his victims weren’t following his rules, he’d often spank them.During the trial, Stephanie testified that the singer “could put the fear of God in me very quickly”.Since the early ’90s, Kelly has continued this cycle of abuse, using his music and influence as a tool to get close to young fans and take advantage of his victims and employees. He was first indicted in 2002 on child pornography charges. After years of delaying the trial, he was acquitted in 2008. Kelly went unchecked for years until people on social media began calling out how he had never been held accountable for the many allegations against him.Oronike Odeleye and Kenyette Tisha Barnes founded #MuteRKelly in 2017 to raise awareness for Kelly’s survivors and to get his music removed from radio stations and streaming services. The viral campaign made way for the Lifetime documentary Surviving R. Kelly, which detailed his history of abusing young girls and women, mostly Black. A month after the docuseries premiered in 2019, Kelly was arrested and charged in Chicago on 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse and later charged with 11 additional sex abuse-related charges. He was released from jail on bond. AdvertisementIn July 2019, the same day his federal indictment in the Brooklyn trial was handed down, he was arrested and federally indicted on 13 counts in Chicago, including child pornography, enticement of a minor and obstruction of justice. His Chicago trial will begin August 1.

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What Pride Means To Queer Teens

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DUP Councillor Marc Collins: Eight-month council suspension for Knockagh member

The report stated: “As a councillor, your actions and behaviour are subject to a higher level of expectation and scrutiny than those of other members of the public. Therefore, your actions – in either your public life or your private life – have the potential to adversely impact on your position as a councillor or your council.”Sign up to our daily NorthernIrelandWorld Today newsletterHowever, the Acting Commissioner Katrin Shaw said that she did not consider that the respondent had brought his council into disrepute.

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