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20 Really sustainable Christmas gifts

Luckily, there are lots of hero products out there which are actively tackling social, environmental and economic challenges. So let’s spend our hard-earned cash in a way that also gives a salute to the values and messages we want to be amplified in the world, and in turn, it might also make the folks you give these gifts to think a little more deeply about what matters and why.

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Man arrested over murder of parents in Chiba Prefecture

Police in Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture, have arrested 45-year-old unemployed man on suspicion of killing his parents at their apartment.
According to police, Kentaro Nishizawa called 110 at around 3:30 a.m. Saturday and said he had killed his parents, Kyodo News reported. Police rushed to the apartment and found the bodies of his father, who was in his 80s, and his mother, who was in her 70s, in their bedroom.
Both had knife wounds to their necks and were declared dead at the scene. A blood-stained knife was found in the kitchen.
Police quoted Nishizawa as saying he was standing with a knife in his hands and the next thing he knew, his parents were dead.

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Secretary of senior vice minister arrested for running over man

A 39-year-old private secretary hired by Japan’s senior vice defense minister Hiroyuki Miyazawa was arrested on suspicion of running over and seriously injuring a man in Shizuoka Prefecture, police said Saturday.
Hiroo Kawaguchi is suspected of hitting a 72-year-old self-employed man who was crossing a crosswalk in Iwata around 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, causing severe injuries to his lower back and other parts of his body.
Kawaguchi has admitted his role in the accident, the police said.


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China, Japan trade blame over confrontation near disputed islands

China and Japan have accused each other of maritime incursions after a confrontation between their coast guards in waters around disputed islands in the East China Sea.
China’s coast guard said on Sunday that a Japanese fishing boat and several patrol vessels intruded the previous day into waters around the tiny islands, called Diaoyu in China and Senkaku in Japan.
The uninhabited islands are controlled by Japan but also claimed by China.
China’s coast guard said in a statement it had taken necessary measures in accordance with the law to warn away the Japanese vessels.
Japan’s coast guard said on Saturday that two Chinese maritime patrol boats left Japan’s territorial waters around the islands after receiving warnings. It said its patrol vessels were protecting a Japanese fishing boat that had been approached by the Chinese ships.
Similar incidents occurred in November and October.
Asian maritime disputes involving China have been escalating. China and the Philippines traded accusations on Sunday over a collision between their vessels in a part of the South China Sea each nation claims, marking the second confrontation in as many days.

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NBA Cup final: Anthony Davis and LeBron James inspire LA Lakers to historic win against Indiana Pacers

Published1 hour agoShareclose panelShare pageCopy linkAbout sharingImage source, ReutersAnthony Davis scored 41 points to help the Los Angeles Lakers to victory against the Indiana Pacers in the NBA’s first in-season tournament final.Davis also registered 20 rebounds, five assists and four blocks, while team-mate LeBron James added 24 points and 11 rebounds in a 123-109 win.James was also named the most valuable player of the inaugural NBA Cup.”Records will be broken but one thing that will never be broken is being the first to do something,” said James, 38.”We’re the first champions of the in-season tournament and nobody can ever top that.”It’s great to be able to do it with such a historical franchise and even better to do it with a great, great cast of funny, engaged, competitive men over here.”The Pacers closed to within three points with just over six minutes remaining, only for the Lakers to produce a run of 13 unanswered points on the way to victory.Austin Reaves scored 28 points off the bench for the Lakers, while Tyrese Haliburton and team-mate Bennedict Mathurin top scored for the Pacers with 20 points each.The final of the NBA Cup took place in Las Vegas and is the only game of the tournament which does not count towards the regular season standings.”We’re sick, frustrated,” Haliburton said. “We just got outplayed tonight from the start of the game to the end of the game. “Just didn’t do the job on loose balls, didn’t rebound, didn’t get enough stops when needed. They just outplayed us, and it’s frustrating.”Related Internet LinksBritish Basketball LeagueBritish BasketballNBAInternational Basketball Federation (Fiba)UK SportThe BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.

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Bobbi Brown on the three make-up rules to stick to this winter

On that point, we need to return to the little make-up bag momentarily. You see, I didn’t give you the full picture at the beginning. Bobbi spends one of the 36 hours she’s in London with me. She has meetings, manages to see some friends, then heads to Paris with her husband. It is dark season, so the sun isn’t responsible for her appearing so full of life and health, and now I know it’s not layers of make-up, so ask how she does it. “Well, I’m happy, I’m curious, and there’s still a spark. When you lose any of those things when you get older it’s awful. I can visualise myself at 80. I want to be able to hop on a plane with my granddaughter and go to Paris. I want to be able to walk up and down the stairs without holding on. But also I know my face and what’s best about me is my skin. I’ve got lines, but I’m fine with them. I just know where to put products to make myself not look tired.”

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Japan to calculate “blue carbon” amount in emissions cut

Dubai –
The Japanese government plans to calculate the amount of “blue carbon,” or carbon dioxide absorbed by seaweed and sea grass, as a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The plan was revealed by Japanese Environment Minister Shintaro Ito at a ministerial meeting in Dubai on Saturday at the 28th Conference of the Parties to the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, or COP28.

Japan aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 46% in fiscal 2030 from the fiscal 2013 level and reduce them to virtually zero by 2050. To meet the goal, the country is eyeing a system to count carbon absorption by trees, seaweed and others as a reduction in emissions.

Japan will include the amount of blue carbon in its report on greenhouse gas emissions and absorption for fiscal 2022 to the United Nations. This will be the first such step in the world.

Japan and other major countries are obliged to submit such a report by April each year.

At the COP28 ministerial meeting, the Japanese minister also unveiled an aid package for developing countries, including providing satellite data on emissions and helping them introduce an early warning system for weather disasters.

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Japan’s large Pacific bluefin tuna catch limit to be raised in 2024

An international commission responsible for managing Pacific bluefin tuna stocks has decided to allow Japan to effectively increase its catch limit for larger sizes in 2024, reflecting a recovery in their population, the Japanese Fisheries Agency said Sunday.

The country, known as a major tuna consumer, can currently transfer 10% of its small bluefin catch quota to those weighing 30 kilograms or more, but the proportion will be increased to 30% for 2024.

The decision was reached during an annual meeting of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission held in the Cook Islands, which wrapped up on Saturday. The meeting was attended in person or online by 26 countries and regions including Japan and the United States.

With strict control measures helping the recovery of the Pacific bluefin tuna population after it was impacted by overfishing, the commission decided in 2021 on a 15% increase to the catch limit for larger fish.

The plan to enhance the measure of transferring the small fish catch to larger ones had been agreed upon by members during a meeting of a subordinate panel in July.

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Vivianne Miedema on ACL return, London derby & being ‘gutted’ for partner Beth Mead

Vivianne Miedema speaks to BBC Sport’s Jo Currie about her return from an ACL injury, the importance of Arsenal’s game against Chelsea and being “gutted” for team-mate and partner Beth Mead following their Nations League matches.Watch Arsenal v Chelsea on BBC Two, BBC iPlayer and BBC Sport website & app on Sunday, 10 December at 12:15 GMT.