PhD Studentship: Improving cell imaging with AI

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Supervisor: Dr Andrew French, Computer Science

External party:  The Rosalind Franklin Institute

High resolution 3D imaging of cells is becoming more mainstream in the biological community due to the increased availability of high-quality electron microscopes, and a growing number of Nano-focus X-ray sources becoming accessible around the world.

This is a joint PhD between the University of Nottingham and The Rosalind Franklin Institute The Franklin are driving forward imaging technologies to increase the both the size and resolution of resulting datasets. With these data collection enhancements, there comes the exacerbation of an already significant problem: that of detailed data analysis.  It can take months for a research scientist to manually analyse one dataset collected via one of these machines currently. With next generation machines planned to create an order of magnitude more data, this problem intensifies.

This project, then, offers a unique opportunity to aid biomedical researchers around the world by investigating the advances in deep-learning and computer vision methods and how they can be applied as effectively as possible to this challenging, but scientifically important cell-scale image data.

The University of Nottingham’s Computer Vision Lab has worked with Diamond Light Source in the past to attempt to address some of these problems, with the very effective SuRVoS software application, which reduces the time for a researcher to analyse their data from weeks to days.  And this research continues with collaborations between Diamond and the Franklin.

The student will be based at Nottingham, but will spend some time at the Franklin (Harwell Campus, Didcot, UK. OX11 0QX).

Entry Requirements:

2:1 or masters in Computer Science or another relevant area.

Any offer will be subject to the University admissions requirements.

How to apply:

Please check your eligibility against the entry requirements prior to proceeding. 

All interested applicants are advised to contact lead supervisor Andrew French in the first instance to discuss suitability and if suitable, arrange an interview.

Successful applicants will be directed to make a formal application via the NottinghamHub system.

Do not submit your application via the NottinghamHub platform without having confirmed support of a supervisor first. 

Please direct enquiries to Andrew French 

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