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Defining tumour-neutrophil interactions to identify targets for therapy in metastatic colorectal cancer

Dr Colin Steele

Beatson Lab: Advanced Colorectal Cancer 

Contract term: Fixed up to 4 years, subject to successful review at Year 3 

About us

The CRUK Beatson Institute where the lab is based is a world leading cancer research institute, situated in the vibrant city of Glasgow in Scotland and hosting approximately 60 postdoctoral researcher scientists at any one time. It has an excellent reputation for fundamental cancer research, including world-class metabolism studies and renowned in vivo modelling of tumour growth and metastasis.

Project outline

This is an exciting research opportunity to join our team of scientists interrogating neutrophil phenotypes in progression of cancer. Alongside Prof Owen Sansom and Prof Jen Morton we have demonstrated the importance of neutrophil infiltration of the liver metastatic niche in establishment of epithelial cancer metastases. Using complex models, metastatic burden can be ameliorated using neutrophil targeting drugs alongside recognised immunotherapies (Steele et al Cancer Cell 2016; Jackstadt et al Cancer Cell 2019). The successful applicant will work as part of an interested grouping composing Clinician Scientists (Dr Colin Steele, Dr Nigel Jamieson) and Beatson PIs (Dr Leo Carlin, Prof Owen Sansom) to determine the nature of neutrophil infiltration in human colorectal liver metastases and the functional impact of in vivo manipulation of neutrophils within complex models of disease. You will have the opportunity to use state-of-the-art techniques in cancer biology both in vitro and in vivo – organoid/tumouroid culture, genetically engineered mouse modelling, intravital imaging (Leo Carlin) and transcriptional profiling bulk RNA sequencing, scRNA sequencing, and spatial transcriptomics (Nigel Jamieson) to investigate the interplay between protumourigenic neutrophils, other immune cells and tumour cells within colorectal liver metastases. We already have a large amount of important and exciting data in this area so now is a key time to join a project with a lot of momentum and excellent established collaborations. 

The successful applicant will already have or will soon complete a PhD in cancer biology or a related field. Skills in some of the above techniques are desirable, but intelligence, curiosity, enthusiasm, and a desire to work in a supportive, diverse team are essential.

For informal enquiries, please email

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Our overarching research ethos at the Institute is about excellence, honesty, openness, accountability and integrity. The diversity of our staff and students is also what makes the Institute such a vibrant place to work and advance discoveries in cancer research. Family friendly policies, our collaborative ethos, a focus on good mental health and well-being and opportunities for all help to create an enjoyable and inclusive workplace where your voice matters.

The Institute is also committed to increasing the number of female scientists at the postdoc level and beyond and encourages female applicants to apply. We have recently introduced a highly attractive maternity policy which provides 12-18 months support and funding for postdocs wishing to take time off to spend with their children amongst other family friendly policies 

All applications must be made via our website. 

Closing Date for Applications: 22 June 2022 but we will contact promising candidates on a rolling basis, so please apply as soon as you are ready

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