Research Associate: Cardiac Medical Image Analysis

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Salary: Grade 6 £38,826 – £45,649 per annum, including London Weighting Allowance

Building and Campus: St Thomas’ Hospital (North Wing)

Contact: Laura Zappulla –

Hiring manager/s: Sarah Jeffrey, Steve Niederer

Job description

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and Digital Twins (DTs) have the potential to transform cardiology. We are seeking to appoint a data scientist/engineer to develop and apply state of the art AI methods to benefit patient outcomes at St Thomas’ Hospital and other major London centres for cardiovascular disease. This project will develop and apply state of the art machine learning methods to automatically analyse longitudinal cardiac MRI patient data that will be encoded in a digital twinDT of the patient’s heart, in order to provide doctors with detailed information on the trajectory of heart disease.

The role will require the development, application and refinement of tools to 1) access databases in a manner consistent with patient privacy and data protection regulations, 2) collate relevant information on the status of the patient, 3) analyse the data, and 4) provide reports and derived data on the anatomy and function of the heart back into the clinical databases. This will include analysis of clinical data and medical images to provide geometric models of the heart, as well as analysis of scar, tissue characteristics and perfusion information. These data will be used to develop DTs of patient hearts to predict trajectories and outcomes in relation to disease status, treatments, and interventions.

Although AI and ML tools have been developed for image analysis and other applications, application to clinical data and workflow requires robust integration and ability to work with a wide variety of cardiovascular diseases. We wish to move beyond conventional analysis of images taken from a single hospital visit but develop novel AI/ML methodologies to analyse and interpret longitudinal data recorded over months or years. This project will determine how current tools can be developed and extended to work with clinical workflows and longitudinal data for the benefit of patients.

The role will be based   at King’s College London but hybrid working options are available, in collaboration with clinical teams at St Thomas’ Hospital and will directly with members of the cardiology and radiology research team.

Contract type

This post will be offered on an a fixed-term contract for 2 years

This is a full-time  post – 100% full time equivalent

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