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The postholder will work on the development of an Electrically Pumped Intense Hollow-core Optical Fiber Gas LASer (EPIc-HOFGLAS): a completely new mid-infrared laser architecture based on a combination of cutting-edge gas filled hollow-core fibre technology and novel mid-infrared optical materials.

The concept is based on the electrical excitation of N2O gas in an anti-resonant hollow-core optical fiber providing optical gain at 4.6 μm. This approach has the potential to greatly reduce the size, power consumption and thermal issues associated with current state-of-the-art high power MIR lasers. The EPIc-HOFGLAS 4.6 μm emission wavelength is optimal for long range propagation through atmospheric windows, with greatly improved penetration of cloud, fog, haze and other weather, providing an entirely new, highly efficient, and ultra-scalable approach for next generation MIR directed energy and electronic warfare sources. Alternative gases can provide gain at other wavelengths throughout the MIR, and thus, this platform could be hugely beneficial for other applications requiring high pulse energies in the MIR e.g. precision oncological surgery – another ongoing research thread in the PIs lab.

The postholder will be expected to work closely with external partners in the US, under the guidance of the PI, and extended research exchange trips to partner sites in the US (multiple weeks) will be encouraged. This is a three-year project funded by the United States Airforce Research Laboratories (AFRL) through the European Office of Aerospace Research and Development (EOARD).

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